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Fun 4th of July Celebrations in Sarasota, FL

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Fun 4th of July Celebrations in Sarasota, FL4th of July celebrations in Sarasota are always filled with fun in the sun for family members of all ages. Unfortunately, many of these celebrations have tempting triggers that could negatively affect your sobriety. Locksmith Sarasota wants to make sure you have a fun, stress-free and sober experience this 4th of July. Here is a guide to some fun events going on, providing wholesome fun for you and your loved ones.

A Week Full Of Activities

Sarasota takes its 4th of July celebrations very seriously. The community has turned the holiday into a week-long event that is jam-packed with activities for you and your family.

Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix

The Aqua Plumbing and Air Grand Prix Golf Classic kicks off a week before the holiday weekend, leading up to race days on July 1-2.  This event takes place at The Meadows Country Club. Other Grand Prix events, including a 4th of July celebration, include a car show and personal boat or watercraft “fun runs.”

Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix

Downtown Block Party

On July 3rd, stop by the block party between Orange and Palm Ave., on Lemon Ave. This event event will run from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. The block party is free and hosts food, vendors and boats on display. During the block party, the boats will parade their way down Main Street.

Downtown Block Party

Powerboat Races

Check out some local powerboats by the Bay from Friday, July 3rd – Sunday, July 5th. Here you can see all of the powerboats that are participating in the qualifying races. The races will take place at Lido Beach between New and Big passes.

Powerboat Races

Selby Garden BBQ and Independence Day Celebration

All-American favorites are available at Selby Gardens this 4th of July. BBQ is provided by Michael’s On East for this event, which also features live music from SoulRCoaster and other family activities. This celebration is meant for all ages.

Selby Garden BBQ and Independence Day Celebration

Sarasota Fireworks

Enjoy a fireworks spectacular over Sarasota Bay on the evening of the 4th of July. A free fireworks will be ignited from a boat in the middle of the bay, offering great views from anywhere downtown. The show begins at dusk or roughly around 9:00 p.m.

Sarasota Fireworks

Siesta Key Fireworks

Siesta Key presents their 27th Annual 4th of July fireworks show. The fireworks are set to go off around 9:00 p.m. The best views of these fireworks will be found south of the site and along Crescent Beach.

Siesta Key Fireworks

Host Your Own 4th Of July Party

There are plenty of activities for you and your family to attend this 4th of July, but it’s important to prioritize your recovery. If you think that you would be more successful celebrating from home, host your own party. Invite friends and family over who are supportive of your recovery and have a great time celebrating without substances.

Be Ready For Anything

It is impossible to know exactly what to expect at these events, or to completely avoid any triggers that could negatively impact your sobriety. Come up with a backup plan and be prepared to leave if you feel the need. If you know that eating, drinking and socializing will be a major part of the event, bring your own beverage. You way even want to bring a sober friend along to the event for support.

The 4th of July is a celebration of our independence as a nation. Make the most out of this holiday and celebrate the strides you have made to be free from addiction. Locksmith Sarasota is available to suggest other substance-free ways to celebrate the holiday. It is our goal to give you the skills you need to confront these stressful situations with confidence.

The Evolution Of Car Locks

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Looking back it’s easy to see how automobile designs and car locks have evolved over time. Compared to all of the car features available today, consumers in previous generations had to contend with either no locks or simple, easy-to-break-in designs. Security measures were limited.

Discover how car much locks have changed over time.

The Evolution Of Car Locks Over Time-

How Car Locks Have Changed Over Time

Over time, because of both vehicle and personal property theft, it became apparent that security needed to be taken more seriously by owners. Since that time, vehicle owners and car locksmiths have been interested in finding the most secure locking systems for vehicles to keep both automobile and personal items safe.

Mechanical Car Locks

Early locks were mechanical in design; the technology to offer electronic versions to consumers was not yet available. Auto manufacturers used a particular type of key blank which could then be cut to fit any lock in their product line. The two man types of locks were pin tumblers and wafer tumblers.

Pin Tumblers

Pin tumbler locks have metal pins of different sizes positioned within the lock cylinder. When a key with the proper height of cuts is inserted into the lock, it raised all the pins to the correct level so that it can turn.

Wafer Tumblers

This style of lock is similar to the pin tumbler, but it uses flat, single-piece wafers of different sizes. The proper sized key pushes the wafers into the correct position, which allows the lock to be turned.

Mechanical locks like these can be opened with a tool called a slim jim. Car locksmiths carry them to help customers who have locked their keys in their car. It’s not a good idea to attempt to enter your vehicle on your own with a bent clothes hanger or other device; you can end up causing quite extensive damage to your vehicle. Our automotive locksmiths have the training and experience to do the job properly. This is one instance where you are better off leaving it to a professional.

Electronic Age Car Locks

Most newer vehicles are outfitted with electronic locks. Many models still have a keyed entry, and number pads and key fobs are often used to open the door locks. Modern keys now carry a computer chip, which prevents a fake key from being used to gain access to the vehicle.

Automotive locksmiths are now required to undergo specialized training to keep their skills current due to changes in car lock technology.

Locksmith Sarasota offers fast, friendly mobile automobile service if you’ve been locked out of your car. We also provide residential and commercial locksmith services.

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Remember, We’re Always Here – Whether You’re Locked Out Of…Or In Your Car!

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Have you ever had one of those days when your mind is focused on the next several things you have to do instead of the task at hand? We’ve all done it, and being distracted can lead to mistakes, like locking your keys in your car. You’ll realize it the instant you hear your door close, too, and may possibly think (or even say) a few choice words. You may even have had the experience of having your key break off in the ignition.

When In Doubt, Call An Automotive Locksmith

In both situations, the best solution is exactly the same: to call an automotive locksmith for assistance.

Reliable Automotive Locksmith Services -

A recent news story points to the importance of knowing who to call when you are having trouble with your car’s locks.

Couple Trapped In Their Car For More Than 13 Hours

In a recent news story, a senior couple was trapped in their car for 13 hours because of a misunderstanding about the modern technology of keyless entry. Mollieanne and Brian Smith, aged 65 and 68, respectively, had left the keyless transponder outside of the car. The manual for their vehicle was in the house.

The combination of stress of the situation, a simple lack of information about how the keyless entry worked, and the fact that it was after dark led them to believe that they were trapped and that the only means of escape was to smash out a window. They tried to break the glass in the car without success. Trying to sound the horn to alert someone to their plight also did no good.

The Smiths were in their car from 7 p.m. until 7:45 the next morning, when neighbors freed them and called emergency services. By that point, Mrs. Smith was unconscious and Mr. Smith was having trouble breathing.

Locksmith Sarasota Has The Expertise & Flexibility To Help – 24/7!

When you are locked out of your car or your key has just snapped off, it is a stressful situation. The best thing you can do to resolve it is to make a call to an automotive locksmith in Sarasota who can get to you promptly, whether you are at home or on the road.

We here at Locksmith Sarasota offer car, truck and RV lockout services; including trunk lockout, unlocking of the ignition, jumper cables and more!

Call us when you need an automotive locksmith; we are available 24/7 and can have a professional, licensed technician be at your location in less than 25 minutes to help you get on your way.

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