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DIY Home Security Tips & Tricks to Burglar-Proof Your Home

DIY Home Security Tips Tricks To Burglar-Proof Home - Locksmith Sarasota

Halloween is only a few weeks away, and it’s important to take time to safeguard your home before the holiday season is in full swing. Burglaries and home thefts are more prevalent during the holiday season, and preparing ahead of time can minimize the chances of your home becoming a target.

Prevent Your Home from Being a Target for Burglaries

Most burglars take time to “case” homes before striking. “Casing” refers to watching target homes to see what kind of security the homeowners have, what times the house is empty, and other variables. Burglars will look for the least secure homes that offer the greatest chance of success.

What Burglars Tend to Assess on a Home

Burglars Prefer Homes That Are Covered By Foliage - Locksmith SarasotaSome of the things most burglars look for while casing includes:

  • Home security: More often than not, having a home security placard on your lawn, or visible security cameras on your property, is enough to deter most burglars from even bothering with your home. Roughly 90 percent of convicted burglars report they would avoid a home that has an alarm system.
  • Homeowner presence: Vacations and long-term travel are when your home is most vulnerable. Burglars will look for piled-up newspapers and overgrown lawns to indicate which homes have been empty the longest.
  • Cover: Burglars tend to avoid homes with lots of open, visible space around them. They prefer homes surrounded by lots of foliage that can offer cover while moving around the home to allow them to hide from prying neighbors’ eyes.
  • Dogs: A burglar typically will not try to enter a home with a barking dog inside. If you own a dog that stays home while you’re at work, your pet may be a better security asset than you ever realized. Dogs will also alert their owners to intruders who attempt to enter at night.

With these tips in mind, there are a few affordable and effective steps homeowners can take to improve their home security:

Fake It If You Need To

If you don’t own an alarm system or security cameras, you can still trick would-be burglars into thinking you do. Consider placing a fake alarm system placard in front of your home if a real alarm or security system isn’t in your budget. Some burglars will write off your house immediately. This trick probably won’t work on more experienced, tech-savvy burglars, though.

Start Small with Security Devices

You can purchase a simple home security camera system at relatively low cost. Do some research into the most reliable and affordable brands and look for tips on where and how to your cameras. It’s important for your cameras to be somewhat visible, so would-be burglars notice them, but you also need to place them in spots that offer wide fields of view.

Keep the previous tip in mind if a security camera isn’t in your budget. A fake camera may serve as a somewhat reliable alternative to a real one for some houses.

Secure Your Yard

Some thieves won’t bother trying to enter your home and will instead steal items from your yard, porch or garden. If you plan on taking a long trip, bring these items into your garage or another storage area while you’re away. Refrain from leaving gardening tools or items like ladders outside that a burglar could potentially use to gain entry to your home.

Light Timers

You can purchase timers for your outdoor lights, and may even want to consider putting some indoor lights on timers, especially if you plan on taking a long vacation. Light timers will automatically turn your home’s lights on and off at specific times. This can make it appear as though you are home while you’re away, thus making your home less of a target.

Secure Deliveries

Many thieves follow delivery trucks around to look for packages to steal in the weeks leading up to the winter holidays. Millions of people have their packages stolen each year in the U.S.

You can opt for sign-on-delivery security for some packages. For expensive items, it may be best to arrange delivery to your local post office so you can pick them up securely.

Invest in Your Home’s Safety

Consider investing in a more reliable security system this holiday season. Locksmith Sarasota offers a variety of state-of-the-art and affordable home security options, including high-security door locks, alarm systems and much more.

When you inquire about our home security lock services, we’ll review your home’s vulnerabilities and help you choose the right security equipment to protect your home and loved ones, where and when you need it most.

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Lock Problem? Is the Problem Really Your Lock? (Key, Hinge, Strikes)

Lock Problem Is the Problem Really Your Lock - Key Hinge StrikesMany people encounter problems with locks that don’t involve the quality or performance of the locks themselves. When a door doesn’t lock properly, the issue may actually be related to another part of your home’s security system.

When diagnosing problems with a lock, it’s critical to look at several factors aside from the lock itself. Locksmith Sarasota is constantly coming across security performance problems that have nothing to do with the lock. We want our readers to know how to diagnose these issues to avoid further damage and unnecessary repairs.

Common Locking Issues

It’s not uncommon for an apparent lock issue to actually be caused by another part of the door. Damaged keys, warped building materials, installation failures, and other mechanical issues could easily interfere with a lock’s performance.

Consider these common performance issues that arise from parts other than the locks themselves:

Key Issues

Key Issues That Can Get Stuck In Your Lock - Locksmith SarasotaIf a key becomes stuck in a lock or a piece of a key breaks off inside a lock, it can prevent the lock from engaging. A stuck key presents a significant security issue, so it’s imperative to seek a locksmith’s assistance as soon as possible.

If you try to remove a stuck key yourself, only pull the key directly out from the lock. Do not twist it. Twisting the key when it is stuck makes it more likely to break.

If the teeth of a key become worn or damaged, they may not strike the locking pins correctly and prevent the door from locking or unlocking.

Some believe that applying lubricants to stuck locks will help keys turn easier. While this may be an effective short-term solution in some cases, bear in mind that lubricants will likely gum up the pins of the lock, rendering it useless over time. The lubricant will also accumulate dust and debris, further impairing the lock’s effectiveness.

If you need to use lubricants to get a key to turn within a lock, plan to replace the entire lock soon.


Wooden doors and frames may warp due to exposure if they are not properly treated for weather resistance. A warped door can prevent the lock from aligning with the door and the frame.

Warping can also cause the strike plates on the door and the frame to bulge outward, possibly even preventing the door from closing properly. In these situations, fixing the warped door or frame, or moving the strike plates, may correct the problem.

When doors stick closed, they can also cause locking problems. Fixing a stuck door usually requires rebuilding the door jamb, an extensive and time-consuming task, or trimming the door to fit the space properly. The latter option is generally easier and may answer your locking problems.

Hinge Problems

If a door’s hinges dislodge, warp, rust or sustain damage, the door may not be able to close properly. An apparent lock issue may be a problem with the door’s hinges. In these cases, repairing or replacing the door hinges may correct the issue.

When replacing hinges, it’s important to use screws that are about one inch longer than the ones in the old hinges. This will help them to seat in the old screw holes securely and provide a smoother door swing.

Attempting to fill the screw holes with the same-sized screws will more than likely fail to hold up the door. Poorly fit replacement hinges will only cause the same issues, so be sure to invest in secure hinge screws so the repair lasts.

Call the Pros

Although these tips may help you quickly and accurately diagnose common locking issues, some lock problems require the help of professional locksmiths. Contact Locksmith Sarasota if these tips can’t solve your locking problems or if you know the issue is more complex than a broken key, warped door or loose hinge.

Even if your issue isn’t the result of a faulty lock, we can help you diagnose and address the problem. Reach out to us and you can rest assured that your home’s locks will soon be functioning as normal.

How to Enhance the Security of Your Rental Home

Enhance the Security of Your Rental Home - Locksmith SarasotaRenting out a property can be a great way to supplement your income and start seeing a return on your investment. The decision to become a landlord, however, should not be made without serious consideration. One wrong move could not only impact your rental property, but the rest of your financial portfolio as well.

When it comes to rental home security, ensuring the safety of your property is a major challenge. It’s essential that you explore your options and legal obligations, then prepare accordingly. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can ensure both the physical and financial security of any property you own.

Install Security Doors and Locks

Why Would You Rent Out Your Home Without Doing Research - Locksmith SarasotaPhysical vulnerabilities can quickly be addressed and should be the first priority. Once the word gets out that you’re renting an unoccupied property, it’s only a matter of time before unscrupulous individuals take notice. Strong doors and locks are a basic and necessary part of rental home security.

Key tips:

  • Hollow wooden doors and doors with windows are easy enough for an intruder to overcome. Ideally, entrance doors should be constructed out of metal or solid wood without windows.
  • Using a dual cylinder deadbolt lock prevents a would-be intruder from making a hole in the door or a nearby window and opening the lock from the inside. A dual cylinder lock is designed to require a key turn on both sides of the lock, as opposed to using a latch on the inside.

Install Outdoor Lighting

Thieves and vandals prefer to do their dirty work in the dark. The presence of outside light around your property is a strong deterrent for anyone who might threaten your property.

Key tip:

  • Choose long-lasting lights, such as LED lights, that require minimal maintenance. They should be installed on all sides of the property and activate automatically using a timer, light-activated sensors or motion sensors.

Know the Law

Keeping the rental home safe from physical threats is challenging by itself. Ensuring legal and financial security adds new wrinkles to the problem, but this task is just as vital.

Remember that laws regarding rental property vary greatly from one place to another, and ignorance is not an excuse. If your rental agreement terms and conditions are unenforceable, for example, you may face serious legal and financial consequences.

Key tips:

  • Do your research. If necessary, consult a local attorney who is familiar with the rights and responsibility of a landlord in the area.
  • Whether you are renting your property to long-term tenants or accommodating short-term tenants, it is very important that all of your agreements and terms are in writing. A bit of paperwork will go a long way toward protecting your property if something goes wrong.

Insure Your Rental Property

One of the worst things that can happen as a landlord is that a tenant gets hurt, damages your property or damages your neighbor’s property. Despite your best intentions and precautions, you may still be sued. That’s why liability insurance is an important part of rental home security.

Key tip:

  • Don’t underestimate how much protection you’ll need in terms of liability. The hard number will vary wildly based on your property, location and tenants. You may need more than the standard $1 million limit.

There’s nothing more important than keeping your home and your family safe from harm. Need more tips on protecting your home from intruders? The pros at Locksmith Sarasota are happy to share industry knowledge and top safety strategies with homeowners. Explore our site for more expert advice about locksmith services.

Fun 4th of July Celebrations in Sarasota, FL

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Fun 4th of July Celebrations in Sarasota, FL4th of July celebrations in Sarasota are always filled with fun in the sun for family members of all ages. Unfortunately, many of these celebrations have tempting triggers that could negatively affect your sobriety. Locksmith Sarasota wants to make sure you have a fun, stress-free and sober experience this 4th of July. Here is a guide to some fun events going on, providing wholesome fun for you and your loved ones.

A Week Full Of Activities

Sarasota takes its 4th of July celebrations very seriously. The community has turned the holiday into a week-long event that is jam-packed with activities for you and your family.

Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix

The Aqua Plumbing and Air Grand Prix Golf Classic kicks off a week before the holiday weekend, leading up to race days on July 1-2.  This event takes place at The Meadows Country Club. Other Grand Prix events, including a 4th of July celebration, include a car show and personal boat or watercraft “fun runs.”

Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix

Downtown Block Party

On July 3rd, stop by the block party between Orange and Palm Ave., on Lemon Ave. This event event will run from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. The block party is free and hosts food, vendors and boats on display. During the block party, the boats will parade their way down Main Street.

Downtown Block Party

Powerboat Races

Check out some local powerboats by the Bay from Friday, July 3rd – Sunday, July 5th. Here you can see all of the powerboats that are participating in the qualifying races. The races will take place at Lido Beach between New and Big passes.

Powerboat Races

Selby Garden BBQ and Independence Day Celebration

All-American favorites are available at Selby Gardens this 4th of July. BBQ is provided by Michael’s On East for this event, which also features live music from SoulRCoaster and other family activities. This celebration is meant for all ages.

Selby Garden BBQ and Independence Day Celebration

Sarasota Fireworks

Enjoy a fireworks spectacular over Sarasota Bay on the evening of the 4th of July. A free fireworks will be ignited from a boat in the middle of the bay, offering great views from anywhere downtown. The show begins at dusk or roughly around 9:00 p.m.

Sarasota Fireworks

Siesta Key Fireworks

Siesta Key presents their 27th Annual 4th of July fireworks show. The fireworks are set to go off around 9:00 p.m. The best views of these fireworks will be found south of the site and along Crescent Beach.

Siesta Key Fireworks

Host Your Own 4th Of July Party

There are plenty of activities for you and your family to attend this 4th of July, but it’s important to prioritize your recovery. If you think that you would be more successful celebrating from home, host your own party. Invite friends and family over who are supportive of your recovery and have a great time celebrating without substances.

Be Ready For Anything

It is impossible to know exactly what to expect at these events, or to completely avoid any triggers that could negatively impact your sobriety. Come up with a backup plan and be prepared to leave if you feel the need. If you know that eating, drinking and socializing will be a major part of the event, bring your own beverage. You way even want to bring a sober friend along to the event for support.

The 4th of July is a celebration of our independence as a nation. Make the most out of this holiday and celebrate the strides you have made to be free from addiction. Locksmith Sarasota is available to suggest other substance-free ways to celebrate the holiday. It is our goal to give you the skills you need to confront these stressful situations with confidence.

How to Choose a Truly ‘Safe’ Gun Safe for Your Home

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How to Choose a Truly 'Safe' Gun Safe for Your Home

Quality Matters When Choosing a Gun Safe

Gun sales have been on the rise for the past decade as more citizens opt to take a proactive role in self-defense. More than 16 million looked to reduce food costs by hunting. With gun ownership comes responsibility. Proficiency in the use of the weapon and buying a gun safe to store the weapon are vital.

Because of the latter, gun safe sales have also increased. With demand comes the inevitable onslaught of providers looking to fill the need. Unfortunately, that means there are a number of gun safes on the market, particularly from foreign sources, that are anything but safe. The use of a gun safe lets users lower their guard  – with tragic results when the safe fails.

In addition to protecting the family, particularly children, a gun safe is also vital for securing the guns so they are not stolen. For a gun safe to achieve this goal it must be durable – both the safe itself and the locking mechanism. Concealability can also be a factor, particularly with small handgun safes.

Types of Gun Safes

Gun safes fall into two categories – small gun safes and larger safes. Deciding which to get depends on several factors.

Type of Guns Owned

It is common sense that if you have something larger than a handgun a large safe is needed. However, going with a large gun safe may still be the best bet when numerous guns are owned or anticipated down the road. Additionally, large safes afford more security from theft. A small handgun safe can be easily transported for opening at the thief’s leisure. Keep in mind that the majority of people who have bought a gun safe invariably wish they had bought a larger one.

Space Restraints

How much space there is in the home influences the type and size of a gun safe to get. Owning one or two handguns with no expectation to obtain rifles or shotguns permits a handgun safe. Available space will determine the size of a larger safe, again go larger than you think you’ll need. In addition, make sure it is possible to secure the safe by bolting in place.


How often and under what circumstances you want to be able to reach your weapon also affects the decision. There are advantages of handgun-size safes, particularly when quick access is desired. To offset the theft danger, a concealable and/or bolted-in safe should be obtained. A large safe can be accessed fairly readily with optimal placement, but having a handgun safe nearby can give time to get to it in a break-in situation.

What to Look for When Buying a Gun Safe

As already noted, the durability of the safe and the locking mechanism are critical. Gun safes are built to varying specifications in order to provide different price points. There is a minimum you should look for, but going to the better or the best is advisable. The majority of the following are applicable mostly to large safes, but the quality is important with smaller units as well.

Steel Thickness

Locksmith Sarasota Steel Safe Thickness DiagramSeven gauge is the minimum thickness of the outer door sheet, while ten gauge would work for the walls thickest sheet. In reality, this thickness is only good for keeping honest people out. Better would be ¼” plate for the outer door sheet, and seven gauge for the walls thickest sheet. Best would be ½” and ¼”, respectively. In addition, go with plate doors rather than composite, which is steel wrapped around sheetrock. A thinner plate door is better than a thicker composite door.


Look for continuous, full penetration body welds, exterior door hinges, and a full-length seal. Also, consider the fire rating. A minimum gun safe has gypsum drywall which affords no fire protection at all. A better option is fiberglass/ceramic wool. The best is poured concrete amalgamate. Both better and best will have a steel inner fire liner.

Fire ratings are based on the duration of a fire, but the many variables involved with a fire mean these are only rules of thumb, not guarantees. Still, one rated for 2.5 hours would last longer than one rated for 30 minutes.

A common misconception is that a concealment method negates the need for a well-constructed safe. Just because a firearm is “hidden” in a hollowed-out book doesn’t mean an inquisitive child won’t find it. Not to mention that experienced criminals know all the tricks.

Country of Origin

Opting for the USA made isn’t just to support American industry or to not support a country that has restrictive gun laws. It makes sense in this case for a couple additional reasons. First, a quality safe should be heavy. The shipping costs alone would either inflate the price considerably or result in a low quality lighter substitute.

The second reason is that other countries use unsafe materials. For example, gun safes from China may include drywall with pyrite or formaldehyde which will corrode your firearms. It is wise to confirm that all parts of the safe were made in the USA and that it wasn’t just manufactured here with foreign components.


A weak lock on a strong safe is like having a weak link in a chain. Not only will it permit access easily by someone determined (and make no mistake about it, kids are determined!), but the lock will wear out quickly and be unreliable. A criminal in your home isn’t going to wait around while you fiddle with a defective lock.

The way to judge a good lock is to review the UL rating. If it doesn’t have a UL rating, don’t buy it. A gun safe lock should be UL 768 Group II or better. Safes with UL 768 Group II will provide better protection from basic assaults. Group I affords some protection and is certainly superior to a non-UL rated lock.

Keep in mind that the gun safe lock can be replaced and upgraded by a safe smith, so you don’t need to let a poor lock be a deal breaker if all other criteria are met. Choose which type of lock you want – mechanical dial or electronic keypad – and they’ll be able to swap it out later. Give them a call before completing the purchase to confirm and find out the cost.

Mechanical Dial vs Electronic Keypad

There are advantages to each type of lock, but the majority of purchasers opt for electronic keypad over the mechanical dial, in fact roughly 90% do. It is partially because of aesthetics, but there are other benefits as well. An electronic keypad is opened quicker (<10 seconds vs. up to 45 seconds) and is visible in the dark. Electronic keypads also do not require fine motor skills which can be diminished in a stress situation, permit multiple combinations, and have many optional features.

Locksmith Sarasota Mechanical Dial Locks vs Electronic Keypad LocksMechanical dials also have some advantages. Less maintenance (no batteries to replace), fewer failures, the ability to last more than 100 years and a longer warranty are all advantages of mechanical dials. The two types are evenly matched in terms of security, the number of combinations, and human error potential.

While on the subject, handgun-size safes also offer a biometric mechanism, generally activated with fingerprints. The challenge with determining the quality of these is that the UL has not currently tested and rated them. However, there is a wide range in cost between an economy quality biometric and a commercial or military grade. Thus, the price is usually a dependable determinant. Keep in mind that there have been instances of children opening this type of lock.

UL 687 – Standard for Burglary-Resistant Safes

In addition to the UL rating for locks, there is also a UL rating for safes. The UL 687 covers a number of tests, including testing door, front face, and body against attack, and resistance to tools, torch, and explosives.


Start by selecting a trusted company that has made gun safes for many years. A few to note include Liberty Safe (1988), Hamilton Safe (1967), FireKing (1951), Schwab Corp (1872), and SentrySafe (1930). Each company offers many price points as well as specialty products that may fill a specific need, such as concealability or use in a vehicle.

It is recommended to get the largest you can afford and for which you have the space for if you’re going for something besides a handgun size. It is not uncommon to expand your firearm collection over time and you’ll need space for ammunition and accessories as well. You can also use the added space for other valuables, such as jewelry, important papers, and priceless photographs.

Keep in mind that even a highly respected company needs to cut some corners to make their budget models more affordable. Continue to apply the criteria offered in this article so that you get the model that provides the level of safety you desire.

Take the time to learn everything you can about the safe company and the safe(s) you are considering. If you meet unreasonable resistance when asking the hard questions, there is a good chance the quality is lacking in some way.

As with most things, obtain the best safe you can afford. It is better to wait to get the firearms until you can manage a superior safe to keep them in. Protecting the investment you have in your firearms and protecting your family from harm means never settling for just “good enough”.

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4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your House Locks – Infographic

locksmithsarasota -- Blog Image -- 4 Things You Didn't Know About Your House Locks -- 02-27-17

When it comes to home security, sometimes a simply lock is the only thing standing between safety and those that would try and break in. Below are 4 things you didn’t know about your house locks:

Locksmith Sarasota -- Infographic 2 -- 02-27-17

See The Corresponding Youtube Videos Below:


How to Unlock a Door with a Credit Card >>

How Bump Keys Work >>

Secure Your Home with Tamper-Proof Locks
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3 Easy Steps for Locksmith Services – Infographic

locksmithsarasota -- Blog Image -- 3 Easy Steps for Locksmith Services -- 02-12-17When you need a locksmith, it can feel like a very vulnerable situation — you need help immediately, yet you need to remain safe. When faced with the need for locksmith, whether you have been locked out of your home or your car, it is very important to understand how to locate a trusted locksmith that will provide adequate service and will not take advantage of you in your vulnerable situation.

In order to provide our clients and our neighbors in the Sarasota community, we are providing an infographic that explains how to find a locksmith online, and some tips on ensuring that you are calling a trusted provider of locksmith services.

Finding Trustworthy Locksmiths in Sarasota Florida


Locksmith Sarasosta Infographic PDF

Remember to be safe when searching for a locksmith in Sarasota, or in any other of Florida’s communities. You should always be 100% satisfied with the results of your locksmith services, and at Locksmith Sarasota, we strive for unmatched satisfaction with every service call.

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KeySmart Premium Key Holders: Innovative Key Organizer

The KeySmart Premium Key Holders Innovative Key Organizer

The Gift That Keeps On Giving: KeySmart’s Innovative Key Organizer

This is one of those rare occasions where you’ll thank yourself for waiting until the week before Christmas to finish your holiday gift shopping. If you haven’t heard of the KeySmart key organizer, now is your chance to learn about this innovative product. The KeySmart key organizer is our pick for a great holiday gift this year here at Locksmith Sarasota.

KeySmart Key Organizer

It’s incredibly convenient, stylish, and functional – the ideal gift for virtually anyone. Plus, it’s a steal for around $20! Here’s what you need to know about this exciting device.

The Solution To Jangling, Messy Keys

Loud jangling, mixed up keys, holes in your pants – the KeySmart key organizer solves all of these problems and more. Most people carry around large, bulky key rings in their pockets or purses, taking up room and making unnecessary noise. The key organizer is a slim, stylish device that eliminates metal key rings for good. Instead, your keys attach directly to the organizer, folding in and out as you need each key. No key ring means no jangling, no wasted space, and no fumbling to unlock your doors. It also prevents your keys from poking and stabbing you while in your pockets.

The KeySmart key organizer is a simple yet ingenious device that turns your key ring into a clean, concise single device. Fold all your keys inside and it’s a small, slim, and compact device about the size of your finger. When you need to use a key, slide it out of the device, and you’re ready to go. The key organizer hides the jagged teeth of your keys, exposing the smooth side, instead. On top of organizing your keys and eliminating irritating key rings, the key organizer keeps the key straight and steady while you unlock your doors. It’s truly a one-size-fits-all universal gift that your loved ones will actually want and use.


Details About The KeySmart Key Organizer

The KeySmart device frees up pocket space and organizes all your keys into one clean, neat place. The basic key organizer holds two to eight keys – all fitting nicely into the small, compact device. Upgrade to 14, 22, 28, or 34 keys for an extra charge. The KeySmart organizer has an optional expansion pack as an additional purchase. With the expansion pack, the device can hold up to 100 keys. You can also opt for a custom expansion post to fit as many keys as you need.

There’s no need to get your keys cut specially to fit into the organizer – it accommodates all typical keys. It even has a small loop piece where you can attach car keys, key chains, or key fobs. The loop piece takes up one space on the KeySmart device.

The KeySmart frame is made with ultra-light, aircraft-grade aluminum and strong stainless steel hardware. A sleek laser-engraved company logo completes the look. It’s available in metallic red, orange, blue, green, pink, purple, black, or slate gray. Purchase exciting add-ons to make your gift even more memorable. The key organizer can come with a USB drive that can hold eight, 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage. You can also add a bottle opener, pocket clip, and quick disconnect component. Make your gift unique and tailored to your loved one’s needs!

KeySmart Key Organizer Customer Reviews

On, the KeySmart compact key holder has almost all positive reviews. The majority of reviewers gave this item five out of five stars, commending it for preventing painful scratching and poking by keys in pockets. Other reviewers say it’s the “best invention for keeping keys since the invention of the key ring,” it “turns my keys into a Swiss army knife,” and it “saved a ton of pocket real estate.”

Many reviewers speak of the key organizer’s ability to increase their personal safety. With the KeySmart device, there is no loud jangle of keys to give away one’s location or presence in a secluded parking garage or dark alley. The key organizer enables people to get into their vehicles or homes faster, quieter, and with less hassle.

Locksmith Sarasota’s Number One Holiday Gift Choice

The KeySmart key organizer is Locksmith Sarasota’s top choice for a holiday gift. It’s ideal as a stocking stuffer, gift for dad, or anyone who uses keys. The key organizer eliminates several issues the traditional key ring setup presents, including pain from keys in pockets, loud jangling, and wasted space. The KeySmart key organizer is truly a gift that keeps on giving, available in many different colors.

Get The KeySmart Key Organizer From At The Link Below:

KeySmart – Compact Key Holder (2-10 Keys, Black)

Smart Home Security Disadvantages And How To Overcome Them

Smart Home Security Disadvantages And How To Overcome ThemSmart homes are a picture into the future. Different types of technology come together to seamlessly (and sometimes automatically) change functions in your house. When these processes happen without additional human interaction they’re referred to as the internet of things, or IoT (Internet of Things), a term that describes their independent interconnectedness.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a smart watch, digital thermostat, radio, and coffee pot connected to the IoT. When your smart watch senses movement, it sends a signal to the thermostat to crank up the heat a bit and make it cozy for when you step out of the shower. The radio turns on to your favorite morning news station while the coffee pot happily brews your favorite blend. Sure, it sounds like a scene from a science fiction novel, but this is 100 percent possible in today’s world. And technology is only growing more powerful.


Make The Smart Choice

Although convenience is a big part of smart tech, it’s useful for another important aspect of our lives – home security. The hands-free design and lightning fast response make these devices inherently better for keeping your family and property safe. Some of the most popular products are making their way into more homes, and it’s easy to see why with their benefits.


Amazon Echo

This gadget serves as a centerpiece for most smart home tech. The intelligent speaker can take direct orders and control other connected smart items. In fact, you can place Amazon orders by simply speaking. Echo and Alexa devices provide astonishing, unique interactions to make your life easier. CNET gives Echo a 9 for features, 8 for usability, 9 for design, and 7 for performance.


WeMo Insight Wifi Switch

This advanced plug-in works similarly to Belkin’s WeMo light adapters. Simply plug in any device or appliance to control it entirely from your phone. WeMo Insight allows you to make a power schedule, analyze energy usage, and more. The Insight is easy to move around the house, unlike some other models, so you can experience this flexibility on a variety of gadgets. CNET rates the Insight Switch an 8, 8, 8, and 9 for features, usability, design, and performance.


Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest is one of the most revolutionary and power saving smart gadgets. This device learns your habits to keep your home as comfortable as possible. The most interesting feature about the Nest is that it adjusts the temperatures during the day or night to save costs. Instead of a constant 68 degrees in the home, the thermostat allows degrees to fluctuate while you’re at work, then readjust before you return home.

Nest also functions as a diagnostic tool for forced air systems. It monitors output and usage to look for any unusual patterns or readings. This can help you catch problems earlier before they become difficult to manage.


The Trouble With Technology

Unfortunately, a digital home has its own weaknesses, as with any appliance or home gadget. Power outages affect most of these devices immediately, although some may have a backup source. In the event of a Wi-Fi outage almost all of them will be rendered completely useless. Most notably, smart home gadgets are at risk for being hacked.

Recently, Samsung saw some serious issues with their smart home software. In fact, hackers could unlock doors and remotely set off fire alarms. Naturally, these issues pose a serious threat to a family’s safety. Even when you’re not home, the idea of thieves strolling right through the front door is unnerving.

The security analysis was carried out at the University of Michigan with the help of Microsoft. They carefully examined an entire platform, from lightbulbs to keypads. Many of the items were easy to breach. The team even managed to add a new PIN to the keypad of a backdoor so they could gain access at any time without hacking the system again.

Earlence Fernandes, a researcher at the University of Michigan, said this was the worst-case scenario for some devices. “If these apps are controlling non-essential things like window shades, I’d be fine with that,” he said. “But users need to consider whether they’re giving up control of safety-critical devices.”

Smart Home Security

Fortunately, smart home security is always on the rise. Manufacturers like Amazon and Google continually work to make each device more secure. Updated programming is a huge step toward keeping hackers at bay, and it requires no additional effort from the homeowner in many cases.


Going Invisible With Tor

It’s much harder for thieves to find things that are invisible. The Guardian Project from Tor aims to do just that. These new capabilities obscure the location of the servers running dark websites. This keeps your IoT working at full capacity without being visible to others.

Tor also prevents unauthorized access in the unlikely event that your IoT network is located. The intermediary computers can’t make a connection with the destination computer unless the proper password is offered. The program offers a much higher level of security.

The biggest problem with Tor is the setup. Every single device must run the Tor program and include the right code. Setting up new devices can turn into a time-consuming and potentially frustrating setup. However, a few minutes of inconvenience are worth the peace of mind, knowing no remote person can log into your doors, lights, or coffee pot.

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Locked And Secure: A Complete Home Security Checklist

Locked And Secure: A Complete Home Security ChecklistMany people don’t think they need security systems. They may assume security systems are too expensive and a waste of money, especially if they live in a smaller city or town. However, residents of these areas are not immune to break-ins.

At Locksmith Sarasota, we don’t simply provide locks. We seek to protect our clients any way possible, so we encourage them to invest in security systems before a break-in occurs. We have all the tools you need to ensure your home is a safe place.

What Homeowners Need To Know About Burglaries

The more you know about how burglars operate, the easier avoiding them will be. When most people hear “burglar,” they think of a stealthy thief dressed in black, breaking into their homes in the middle of the night. In reality, most burglaries happen between 10 AM and 3 PM, when most people are at work or school.

Additionally, burglars are not always strangers. You may have seen a potential burglar in your neighborhood, or talked to that person casually. Some of them get to know potential targets and their daily routines.

Be Careful What You Post Online

Social media has made break-ins easier than ever. Please be careful what you post on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Vacation photos or trip announcements let burglars know exactly when you’re away. Even if your privacy settings are tight, friends of friends may share your information with someone who’ll use it for a break-in.

Despite what you see on television, most burglars don’t jimmy open windows. An astonishing 34% of them enter by the front door because not all homeowners keep these locked. Another 30% enter using any easily accessible unlocked door or window. A professional burglar can burglarize your house in 10 minutes or less. If your security system isn’t up-to-date, that’s enough time for significant property loss and damage to occur.

Home Security And Police Response

The police are there to ensure safety, which includes tracking down burglars. However, only about 14% of burglaries resulted in arrests in the last two years. Burglaries are some of the hardest crimes to solve, and the chances of recovering your lost property are slim. You should always contact the police in the event of a burglary. However, a home security system prevents burglaries where the police cannot.

Pre-Security System Precautions

Before you install a security system, you should take several precautionary measures. None of your valuables should be visible from the street. When you are not home, keep doors and windows locked and the shades down. Do not keep jewelry boxes, safes, or other containers of valuables open. Do not post passwords or combinations in accessible places.

Home Security Lighting

A lit pathway keeps you safe at night, but may also encourage a burglar. Consider buying automated outside lights you can turn on and off using your phone or other device. When you aren’t home, make sure all the lights are off but keep your porch light, if possible. The porch light illuminates your house number, which helps law enforcement find you quickly.

Give an extra set of keys to someone you trust. When possible, give the keys to someone who lives nearby and can check on your house while you travel. Ask the post office to hold your mail, too. Burglars become suspicious when they see a full mailbox after one or two days.

Your doors should be either wood or metal-clad with keyed deadbolts and secondary locks. Secondary locks are especially important on sliding, deck, attic, or garage doors. These entrances are some of the easiest for burglars to use.

Always keep medications out of sight. Some burglars are also substance abusers and choose homes based on whether they’ll find drugs. Additionally, lock up outdoor valuables, including tools burglars might use to access the rest of your house.

Take personal inventory of your property. Secure your valuables in a safe place. If you leave pets behind, ensure they are in a safe place, too. Your security system should extend to your garage, yard, deck, or wherever else your pet normally stays.

Residential Home Security Basics

Your home security system needs alarms, and these must be tested regularly. Test your alarms at least once every few months. If you travel often, the tests should be more frequent. Keep security codes in your phone, or memorize them if possible. If you must write them down, do so in a notebook you always carry with you. Consider changing codes at least once a year. This way, even if a burglar sees you using one code, there is no guarantee it’s always correct.

A good home security system places your lights and possibly appliances on timers. You need at least two light timers that work in a logical sequence. If desired, set timers for televisions, radios, or computers. These may fool burglars into thinking you’re home. Make sure your security system has floodlights. Burglars don’t want the attention floodlights attract, so the faster your house lights up, the faster a burglar will leave. Check your floodlights regularly.

The garage, pool area, and sheds need manual locks. Don’t rely solely on a garage door opener, especially if that opener doesn’t come with a code. Keep the keys on your person when possible, or in a high, inaccessible location. Never let outdoor locks rust. If you experience a break-in, whether indoors or outdoors, call a locksmith immediately. He or she will change the locks and may help you change codes, too.

Protecting Sensitive Valuables

Most burglars come into homes looking for specific items like computers and televisions. To ensure their protection, inscribe items with legitimate, law enforcement-approved serial numbers. Take photos of these and other valuables. This makes it easier for police to identify and find your valuables if there is a break-in.

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