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DIY Home Security Tips & Tricks to Burglar-Proof Your Home

DIY Home Security Tips Tricks To Burglar-Proof Home - Locksmith Sarasota

Halloween is only a few weeks away, and it’s important to take time to safeguard your home before the holiday season is in full swing. Burglaries and home thefts are more prevalent during the holiday season, and preparing ahead of time can minimize the chances of your home becoming a target.

Prevent Your Home from Being a Target for Burglaries

Most burglars take time to “case” homes before striking. “Casing” refers to watching target homes to see what kind of security the homeowners have, what times the house is empty, and other variables. Burglars will look for the least secure homes that offer the greatest chance of success.

What Burglars Tend to Assess on a Home

Burglars Prefer Homes That Are Covered By Foliage - Locksmith SarasotaSome of the things most burglars look for while casing includes:

  • Home security: More often than not, having a home security placard on your lawn, or visible security cameras on your property, is enough to deter most burglars from even bothering with your home. Roughly 90 percent of convicted burglars report they would avoid a home that has an alarm system.
  • Homeowner presence: Vacations and long-term travel are when your home is most vulnerable. Burglars will look for piled-up newspapers and overgrown lawns to indicate which homes have been empty the longest.
  • Cover: Burglars tend to avoid homes with lots of open, visible space around them. They prefer homes surrounded by lots of foliage that can offer cover while moving around the home to allow them to hide from prying neighbors’ eyes.
  • Dogs: A burglar typically will not try to enter a home with a barking dog inside. If you own a dog that stays home while you’re at work, your pet may be a better security asset than you ever realized. Dogs will also alert their owners to intruders who attempt to enter at night.

With these tips in mind, there are a few affordable and effective steps homeowners can take to improve their home security:

Fake It If You Need To

If you don’t own an alarm system or security cameras, you can still trick would-be burglars into thinking you do. Consider placing a fake alarm system placard in front of your home if a real alarm or security system isn’t in your budget. Some burglars will write off your house immediately. This trick probably won’t work on more experienced, tech-savvy burglars, though.

Start Small with Security Devices

You can purchase a simple home security camera system at relatively low cost. Do some research into the most reliable and affordable brands and look for tips on where and how to your cameras. It’s important for your cameras to be somewhat visible, so would-be burglars notice them, but you also need to place them in spots that offer wide fields of view.

Keep the previous tip in mind if a security camera isn’t in your budget. A fake camera may serve as a somewhat reliable alternative to a real one for some houses.

Secure Your Yard

Some thieves won’t bother trying to enter your home and will instead steal items from your yard, porch or garden. If you plan on taking a long trip, bring these items into your garage or another storage area while you’re away. Refrain from leaving gardening tools or items like ladders outside that a burglar could potentially use to gain entry to your home.

Light Timers

You can purchase timers for your outdoor lights, and may even want to consider putting some indoor lights on timers, especially if you plan on taking a long vacation. Light timers will automatically turn your home’s lights on and off at specific times. This can make it appear as though you are home while you’re away, thus making your home less of a target.

Secure Deliveries

Many thieves follow delivery trucks around to look for packages to steal in the weeks leading up to the winter holidays. Millions of people have their packages stolen each year in the U.S.

You can opt for sign-on-delivery security for some packages. For expensive items, it may be best to arrange delivery to your local post office so you can pick them up securely.

Invest in Your Home’s Safety

Consider investing in a more reliable security system this holiday season. Locksmith Sarasota offers a variety of state-of-the-art and affordable home security options, including high-security door locks, alarm systems and much more.

When you inquire about our home security lock services, we’ll review your home’s vulnerabilities and help you choose the right security equipment to protect your home and loved ones, where and when you need it most.

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Fun 4th of July Celebrations in Sarasota, FL

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Fun 4th of July Celebrations in Sarasota, FL4th of July celebrations in Sarasota are always filled with fun in the sun for family members of all ages. Unfortunately, many of these celebrations have tempting triggers that could negatively affect your sobriety. Locksmith Sarasota wants to make sure you have a fun, stress-free and sober experience this 4th of July. Here is a guide to some fun events going on, providing wholesome fun for you and your loved ones.

A Week Full Of Activities

Sarasota takes its 4th of July celebrations very seriously. The community has turned the holiday into a week-long event that is jam-packed with activities for you and your family.

Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix

The Aqua Plumbing and Air Grand Prix Golf Classic kicks off a week before the holiday weekend, leading up to race days on July 1-2.  This event takes place at The Meadows Country Club. Other Grand Prix events, including a 4th of July celebration, include a car show and personal boat or watercraft “fun runs.”

Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix

Downtown Block Party

On July 3rd, stop by the block party between Orange and Palm Ave., on Lemon Ave. This event event will run from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. The block party is free and hosts food, vendors and boats on display. During the block party, the boats will parade their way down Main Street.

Downtown Block Party

Powerboat Races

Check out some local powerboats by the Bay from Friday, July 3rd – Sunday, July 5th. Here you can see all of the powerboats that are participating in the qualifying races. The races will take place at Lido Beach between New and Big passes.

Powerboat Races

Selby Garden BBQ and Independence Day Celebration

All-American favorites are available at Selby Gardens this 4th of July. BBQ is provided by Michael’s On East for this event, which also features live music from SoulRCoaster and other family activities. This celebration is meant for all ages.

Selby Garden BBQ and Independence Day Celebration

Sarasota Fireworks

Enjoy a fireworks spectacular over Sarasota Bay on the evening of the 4th of July. A free fireworks will be ignited from a boat in the middle of the bay, offering great views from anywhere downtown. The show begins at dusk or roughly around 9:00 p.m.

Sarasota Fireworks

Siesta Key Fireworks

Siesta Key presents their 27th Annual 4th of July fireworks show. The fireworks are set to go off around 9:00 p.m. The best views of these fireworks will be found south of the site and along Crescent Beach.

Siesta Key Fireworks

Host Your Own 4th Of July Party

There are plenty of activities for you and your family to attend this 4th of July, but it’s important to prioritize your recovery. If you think that you would be more successful celebrating from home, host your own party. Invite friends and family over who are supportive of your recovery and have a great time celebrating without substances.

Be Ready For Anything

It is impossible to know exactly what to expect at these events, or to completely avoid any triggers that could negatively impact your sobriety. Come up with a backup plan and be prepared to leave if you feel the need. If you know that eating, drinking and socializing will be a major part of the event, bring your own beverage. You way even want to bring a sober friend along to the event for support.

The 4th of July is a celebration of our independence as a nation. Make the most out of this holiday and celebrate the strides you have made to be free from addiction. Locksmith Sarasota is available to suggest other substance-free ways to celebrate the holiday. It is our goal to give you the skills you need to confront these stressful situations with confidence.