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Home and Lifestyle Events Coming to the Sarasota Florida Area in 2018

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Home and Lifestyle Events Coming to the Sarasota Florida Area in 2018

Sarasota, Florida, is full of rich history, fantastic scenery, and countless events all year-round. This spring and summer, visitors and residents can enjoy several spectacular home and lifestyle events. Locksmith Sarasota wants our readers to check out some of the upcoming workshops and classes that may help them get the most out of their homes, so consider the following events as you make your plans for this summer in Sarasota.

Home Improvement Workshops

Paying for home improvements is a great way to increase a home’s market value and for homeowners to enjoy their properties to the fullest. There are several upcoming home improvement workshops that can empower homeowners to take charge of their home improvement projects and produce fantastic results at a fraction of the price.

There’s no shortage of home lifestyle events in Florida, so if you’re interested in DIY home improvement or just want to learn a few tricks to get more from your property, check out the following local events in 2018:

May 2: Home Irrigation Inspection Training

This two-hour class at the UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County will teach you how to inspect your home irrigation system. If you take the time to learn how to conduct a thorough inspection of these systems on your own, you can save lots of money on future repairs. During this course, you’ll learn how to calibrate your system, adjust the time clock, and other practical tips that will help you preserve your home irrigation system at a fraction of the typical cost.

May 4: Florida-Friendly Landscaping Friday: Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

Maintaining a beautiful landscape in Florida can be a challenge due to the excessive rainfall and high humidity, but this one-hour class at the Weedon Island Preserve Cultural and Natural History Center in St. Petersburg can help you get more from the state’s weather with a rain barrel. Attendees will have the option to purchase a fully functional rain barrel, but the course will include instructions for building and installing your own and keeping it in good shape. The center will offer this course again later in the summer, on August 3.

May 5: Compost, Micro-Irrigation, Rainwater Harvesting Workshops

The UF/IFAS Extension Hillsborough County in Seffner is offering a three-hour workshop course covering composting, micro-irrigation, and rainwater harvesting. There are two registration sites – one for residents of Hillsborough County and one for people who live outside Hillsborough County and are only open to first-time attendees. This extensive workshop will teach you everything you need to know to get more from your home’s landscape and how to take advantage of natural assets such as compost and rainwater.

May 17: Brown-Bag Gardening Series: Container Gardening

This hour-long class at the Garden of the Five Senses in North Port offers a full crash course in container gardening. Learn the best tricks for container management, covering, care, and maintenance to get the most out of your home in Sarasota.

May 19: Rain Barrel Workshop

This one-hour class at the Englewood Sports Complex in Englewood offers even more instruction for properly using rain barrels. Attendees will have the option of purchasing a pre-made rain barrel after the class, and there are additional dates for this workshop through the rest of 2018 on June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15, October 20, November 17, and December 8.

June 1: Florida-Friendly Landscaping Friday: Discover Composting

The Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Friday workshop series, continues with a one-hour course on home composting at the Weedon Island Preserve Cultural and Natural History Center. Many people are aware of the benefits of composting, but it can be overwhelming to start your own pile. This workshop is an excellent choice if you’d like to save money and produce more stunning results in your home garden with composting.

June 21: Green Buildings In Our Community

Green buildings are sustainable and more environmentally friendly than traditional buildings are. If you’re interested in turning your business’s building into a green building, then this one-hour workshop at the Twin Lakes Park Green Building is perfect for you. You’ll learn the benefits of going green while receiving tips from the U.S. Green Council’s LEED program. The class will also include a virtual tour of some of the most successful green constructions in the area.

June 27: Happy With Your HOA Landscape?

Keeping a property in line with a homeowners’ association’s guidelines can be challenging. This one-and-a-half-hour workshop at the UF/IFAS Extension Sarasota County will teach you how to update your outdated vegetation and remake your home’s landscape without violating your HOA requirements. The workshop includes tips for pruning, weeding, mulching, watering, and regular maintenance to make your HOA landscape shine year-round.

July 6: Florida Friendly Landscaping Friday: Sub-Irrigated Planters

The third installment of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping Friday workshop series this summer focuses on sub-irrigated planters. Attendees can purchase five-gallon planters after the one-hour course at the Weedon Island Preserve Cultural and Natural History Center in St. Petersburg, and the course will teach attendees how to grow a fantastic vegetable garden at home using sub-irrigated planters.

Get More From Your Home In Sarasota

These upcoming Sarasota events are great opportunities to learn more about the landscape, climate, and vegetation in the area, so you can make the most of your home. Composting, rainwater collection, and various irrigation techniques can help you create a stunning landscape around your home or business, and even visitors from out of state can learn valuable tricks to take home.

The team at Locksmith Sarasota is committed to unmatched home security and helping our customers get the most from their homes. Be sure to check out our site in the future for more upcoming events in the Sarasota area, and reach out to our team to consider some of the state-of-the-art home security options and services we offer.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your House Locks – Infographic

locksmithsarasota -- Blog Image -- 4 Things You Didn't Know About Your House Locks -- 02-27-17

When it comes to home security, sometimes a simply lock is the only thing standing between safety and those that would try and break in. Below are 4 things you didn’t know about your house locks:

Locksmith Sarasota -- Infographic 2 -- 02-27-17

See The Corresponding Youtube Videos Below:


How to Unlock a Door with a Credit Card >>

How Bump Keys Work >>

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Smart Home Security Disadvantages And How To Overcome Them

Smart Home Security Disadvantages And How To Overcome ThemSmart homes are a picture into the future. Different types of technology come together to seamlessly (and sometimes automatically) change functions in your house. When these processes happen without additional human interaction they’re referred to as the internet of things, or IoT (Internet of Things), a term that describes their independent interconnectedness.

Let’s say, for example, that you have a smart watch, digital thermostat, radio, and coffee pot connected to the IoT. When your smart watch senses movement, it sends a signal to the thermostat to crank up the heat a bit and make it cozy for when you step out of the shower. The radio turns on to your favorite morning news station while the coffee pot happily brews your favorite blend. Sure, it sounds like a scene from a science fiction novel, but this is 100 percent possible in today’s world. And technology is only growing more powerful.


Make The Smart Choice

Although convenience is a big part of smart tech, it’s useful for another important aspect of our lives – home security. The hands-free design and lightning fast response make these devices inherently better for keeping your family and property safe. Some of the most popular products are making their way into more homes, and it’s easy to see why with their benefits.


Amazon Echo

This gadget serves as a centerpiece for most smart home tech. The intelligent speaker can take direct orders and control other connected smart items. In fact, you can place Amazon orders by simply speaking. Echo and Alexa devices provide astonishing, unique interactions to make your life easier. CNET gives Echo a 9 for features, 8 for usability, 9 for design, and 7 for performance.


WeMo Insight Wifi Switch

This advanced plug-in works similarly to Belkin’s WeMo light adapters. Simply plug in any device or appliance to control it entirely from your phone. WeMo Insight allows you to make a power schedule, analyze energy usage, and more. The Insight is easy to move around the house, unlike some other models, so you can experience this flexibility on a variety of gadgets. CNET rates the Insight Switch an 8, 8, 8, and 9 for features, usability, design, and performance.


Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest is one of the most revolutionary and power saving smart gadgets. This device learns your habits to keep your home as comfortable as possible. The most interesting feature about the Nest is that it adjusts the temperatures during the day or night to save costs. Instead of a constant 68 degrees in the home, the thermostat allows degrees to fluctuate while you’re at work, then readjust before you return home.

Nest also functions as a diagnostic tool for forced air systems. It monitors output and usage to look for any unusual patterns or readings. This can help you catch problems earlier before they become difficult to manage.


The Trouble With Technology

Unfortunately, a digital home has its own weaknesses, as with any appliance or home gadget. Power outages affect most of these devices immediately, although some may have a backup source. In the event of a Wi-Fi outage almost all of them will be rendered completely useless. Most notably, smart home gadgets are at risk for being hacked.

Recently, Samsung saw some serious issues with their smart home software. In fact, hackers could unlock doors and remotely set off fire alarms. Naturally, these issues pose a serious threat to a family’s safety. Even when you’re not home, the idea of thieves strolling right through the front door is unnerving.

The security analysis was carried out at the University of Michigan with the help of Microsoft. They carefully examined an entire platform, from lightbulbs to keypads. Many of the items were easy to breach. The team even managed to add a new PIN to the keypad of a backdoor so they could gain access at any time without hacking the system again.

Earlence Fernandes, a researcher at the University of Michigan, said this was the worst-case scenario for some devices. “If these apps are controlling non-essential things like window shades, I’d be fine with that,” he said. “But users need to consider whether they’re giving up control of safety-critical devices.”

Smart Home Security

Fortunately, smart home security is always on the rise. Manufacturers like Amazon and Google continually work to make each device more secure. Updated programming is a huge step toward keeping hackers at bay, and it requires no additional effort from the homeowner in many cases.


Going Invisible With Tor

It’s much harder for thieves to find things that are invisible. The Guardian Project from Tor aims to do just that. These new capabilities obscure the location of the servers running dark websites. This keeps your IoT working at full capacity without being visible to others.

Tor also prevents unauthorized access in the unlikely event that your IoT network is located. The intermediary computers can’t make a connection with the destination computer unless the proper password is offered. The program offers a much higher level of security.

The biggest problem with Tor is the setup. Every single device must run the Tor program and include the right code. Setting up new devices can turn into a time-consuming and potentially frustrating setup. However, a few minutes of inconvenience are worth the peace of mind, knowing no remote person can log into your doors, lights, or coffee pot.

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Locked And Secure: A Complete Home Security Checklist

Locked And Secure: A Complete Home Security ChecklistMany people don’t think they need security systems. They may assume security systems are too expensive and a waste of money, especially if they live in a smaller city or town. However, residents of these areas are not immune to break-ins.

At Locksmith Sarasota, we don’t simply provide locks. We seek to protect our clients any way possible, so we encourage them to invest in security systems before a break-in occurs. We have all the tools you need to ensure your home is a safe place.

What Homeowners Need To Know About Burglaries

The more you know about how burglars operate, the easier avoiding them will be. When most people hear “burglar,” they think of a stealthy thief dressed in black, breaking into their homes in the middle of the night. In reality, most burglaries happen between 10 AM and 3 PM, when most people are at work or school.

Additionally, burglars are not always strangers. You may have seen a potential burglar in your neighborhood, or talked to that person casually. Some of them get to know potential targets and their daily routines.

Be Careful What You Post Online

Social media has made break-ins easier than ever. Please be careful what you post on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Vacation photos or trip announcements let burglars know exactly when you’re away. Even if your privacy settings are tight, friends of friends may share your information with someone who’ll use it for a break-in.

Despite what you see on television, most burglars don’t jimmy open windows. An astonishing 34% of them enter by the front door because not all homeowners keep these locked. Another 30% enter using any easily accessible unlocked door or window. A professional burglar can burglarize your house in 10 minutes or less. If your security system isn’t up-to-date, that’s enough time for significant property loss and damage to occur.

Home Security And Police Response

The police are there to ensure safety, which includes tracking down burglars. However, only about 14% of burglaries resulted in arrests in the last two years. Burglaries are some of the hardest crimes to solve, and the chances of recovering your lost property are slim. You should always contact the police in the event of a burglary. However, a home security system prevents burglaries where the police cannot.

Pre-Security System Precautions

Before you install a security system, you should take several precautionary measures. None of your valuables should be visible from the street. When you are not home, keep doors and windows locked and the shades down. Do not keep jewelry boxes, safes, or other containers of valuables open. Do not post passwords or combinations in accessible places.

Home Security Lighting

A lit pathway keeps you safe at night, but may also encourage a burglar. Consider buying automated outside lights you can turn on and off using your phone or other device. When you aren’t home, make sure all the lights are off but keep your porch light, if possible. The porch light illuminates your house number, which helps law enforcement find you quickly.

Give an extra set of keys to someone you trust. When possible, give the keys to someone who lives nearby and can check on your house while you travel. Ask the post office to hold your mail, too. Burglars become suspicious when they see a full mailbox after one or two days.

Your doors should be either wood or metal-clad with keyed deadbolts and secondary locks. Secondary locks are especially important on sliding, deck, attic, or garage doors. These entrances are some of the easiest for burglars to use.

Always keep medications out of sight. Some burglars are also substance abusers and choose homes based on whether they’ll find drugs. Additionally, lock up outdoor valuables, including tools burglars might use to access the rest of your house.

Take personal inventory of your property. Secure your valuables in a safe place. If you leave pets behind, ensure they are in a safe place, too. Your security system should extend to your garage, yard, deck, or wherever else your pet normally stays.

Residential Home Security Basics

Your home security system needs alarms, and these must be tested regularly. Test your alarms at least once every few months. If you travel often, the tests should be more frequent. Keep security codes in your phone, or memorize them if possible. If you must write them down, do so in a notebook you always carry with you. Consider changing codes at least once a year. This way, even if a burglar sees you using one code, there is no guarantee it’s always correct.

A good home security system places your lights and possibly appliances on timers. You need at least two light timers that work in a logical sequence. If desired, set timers for televisions, radios, or computers. These may fool burglars into thinking you’re home. Make sure your security system has floodlights. Burglars don’t want the attention floodlights attract, so the faster your house lights up, the faster a burglar will leave. Check your floodlights regularly.

The garage, pool area, and sheds need manual locks. Don’t rely solely on a garage door opener, especially if that opener doesn’t come with a code. Keep the keys on your person when possible, or in a high, inaccessible location. Never let outdoor locks rust. If you experience a break-in, whether indoors or outdoors, call a locksmith immediately. He or she will change the locks and may help you change codes, too.

Protecting Sensitive Valuables

Most burglars come into homes looking for specific items like computers and televisions. To ensure their protection, inscribe items with legitimate, law enforcement-approved serial numbers. Take photos of these and other valuables. This makes it easier for police to identify and find your valuables if there is a break-in.

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If you live in Sarasota or in the Tampa, FL area, contact us online or by phone about home security systems. Together, we will customize one that fits your needs. Don’t wait until after a break-in. Prepare and protect your home now.

Facts You Never Knew About Locksmiths

Facts You Never Knew About LocksmithsYou’ve locked yourself out your home and the only keys you have are inside. What do you do? Break down your own front door? Smash one of your windows? Calling a locksmith to come pick the lock and let you inside to get your keys is probably your best option.

Locksmiths provide an invaluable service; one that anyone who has ever needed it was extremely grateful for. However, the industry has some severe issues that people need to know about before they hire a locksmith.

Lax Regulations For Locksmiths

Were you aware that only 15 states in America require locksmiths to be licensed? This is a rather alarming fact, as it means that anyone can claim to be a locksmith without any legal proof of their profession. A person simply has to trust that the stranger saying they are a locksmith really is and doesn’t have some other motive for unlocking the door.

Facts You Never Knew About LocksmithsThe lack of licensing is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it makes it very difficult for people who need the help of a professional locksmith to ensure that they are actually getting that help and not that of an amateur or a person who isn’t a locksmith at all. On the other hand, the abundance of people who can claim to be locksmiths makes it difficult for true professionals to find work.

States That Require Licenses

The only states that require licenses for locksmiths are:

  • California
  • Alabama
  • Illinois
  • Connecticut
  • Nebraska
  • Maryland
  • Louisiana
  • Nevada
  • Oklahoma
  • North Carolina
  • New Jersey
  • Oregon
  • Virginia
  • Texas
  • Tennessee

Hiring a professional locksmith is critical. Not only will a professional have the knowledge and tools to properly help you, he or she will have had to have gone through rigorous background checks to ensure he or she isn’t a criminal.

Conditions Are Worse Out Of Country

Outside the United States, conditions are even worse for locksmiths. Very few countries regulate locksmiths at all. Complete strangers are allowed into a person’s private space, but few governments seem concerned with making sure that these strangers do not have any ill intentions toward the people who asked for their help. Japan, Poland, Hungary, and Canada are the only other countries to regulate the locksmith industry.

Expensive Practices

When you lock yourself out of something and need to call a locksmith, the only service you may want them to provide is to quickly pick the lock and allow you inside. However, this may not be the service you get. What little training most locksmith companies gives their employees is usually just about how to perform drills and replacements.

Drilling is when a locksmith drills out the lock in the door, destroying it in the process. Most people want to be able to lock their door afterward, so if the locksmith drills the lock the customer will also have them replace it.

Locksmiths are often trained not to offer any service other than drilling and replacing a lock. Even if a lock is undamaged and could easily be picked, they will still push the other service. This is because drilling and replacing a lock is the most expensive service locksmiths perform, and they know that most of their clients are desperate enough to accept the more expensive service rather than fighting for a cheaper one.

Not only do locksmiths often push customers to accept their most expensive services, the price for those services is not standardized. There is no set price for locksmithing services; a locksmith can charge any customer any price they believe the customer will pay.

What To Look For

So, if there are so many untrustworthy people claiming to be locksmiths, how can people find a good one? Here are some things to look for:

  • Pick a local service. They need to maintain a good reputation, to stay in business, so choose one that has been working in your area for a while.
  • If you live in one of the states that require locksmiths to be licensed, ask to see their certification.
  • Get a complete price quote on the phone before asking the locksmith to come to your location.

Finding a trustworthy locksmith is difficult, but at least knowing these things allows people to be forewarned before the next time they have to hire a locksmith. Remember to find a licensed locksmith, if possible, to make sure you only get the service you need and, above all else, protect yourself and your home.

Sarasota-Area Locksmiths

If you live in Sarasota and are in need of an honest, professional locksmith, you are in luck. Locksmith Sarasota is an expert and reliable family-owned locksmith company that can help most of its customers in less than half an hour.

Smart Home Security Just Got Better With Facial Recognition

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Home Security Facial RecognitionIf you believe your home is your castle, you’ll want to make sure that you keep it safe and secure, even when you aren’t at home. With the development of modern home security technology, you can rest assured that your home will be closely monitored all the time with facial recognition

Security systems have evolved to the point that it’s possible to buy a camera that cannot immediately be recognized as a recording device. You can hide it in plain sight in your home. These types of devices have sleek, modern designs that make them appear similar to hi-tech speakers. A casual observer would not guess that they are, in fact, a type of input device for a method of keeping your home safe.

Self-Contained Units For Peace Of Mind

These types of systems are self-contained, but they do require a constant source of power in order to run. You will need a USB cable for this purpose. Since they need constant power, you will have some limitations where to set up the camera.

You can use your smartphone to sync coverage, which means you can monitor what is going on in your home from just about anywhere. If you want to check in on your home from the office, on your daily commute, while you are doing errands or any other time of day, you have the flexibility to do so at your convenience. To store the footage taken from the surveillance camera, all you need is a MicroSD card.

Easy To Set Up Your Facial Recognition System

The best place to aim the camera is toward the front door to your home or a main entry point. You can download monitoring apps for iOS or Android phones or tablets.

You will need to enter your WiFi information into the app in order to have it create a timeline of events. This timeline will be trigger by movement in your home and whether it has seen a face that it “recognizes” before.

When a recognition occurs, you will receive a facial recognition notification on your cell phone. Depending on the app, you may receive captured footage or a live feed. There will be a slight delay (usually a few seconds) from the time the activity is recorded to the time you receive the notification on your phone.

System Does Have Drawbacks

The system is helpful, but it is not flawless. There is no battery backup available, for example. If the power to your home is cut, you will no longer have access to the camera. A burglar could cut the cord to the camera, and you would be left without this security measure. If you lose power to your home, then the system wouldn’t work either.

Although Locksmith Sarasota doesn’t offer facial recognition services. Check out Netatmo if your interested in adding this security to your home. We do offer a wide variety of quality home security services. To find out more about your options regarding a home security system, consult with a licensed locksmith. They can look at your needs and recommend a solution that is right for you.

Steps To Choose The Right Door Lock For Your Home

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Steps To Choose The Right Door Lock For Your HomeIf you are in the market for new door locks for your home, you have a couple of options for where you can purchase them. You can either visit a hardware or a big box retailer and go the DIY route, or you can call a professional locksmith.

Hardware Stores vs. An Experienced Locksmith


An experienced and licensed locksmith provides the knowledge and understanding of which lock option will work best for your home and your specific preferences. They can also work with you to ensure you’re getting the best product for your budget.

While hardware stores and big box retailers are wonderful for a number of products, they are probably not the best choice when you are purchasing house door locks. You are choosing a product that is going to keep you, your family and your property safe and secure, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

What You Need To Know To Find The Right Lock For Your Home


In order to find the right door locks for your home, you need to consider a number of factors (and none of them involve which one “looks right” when you are examining the product through the packaging):

  • Type of material the door is made from (wood, steel or fiberglass)
  • Quality of materials used to construct the door frame
  • Level of key security you want
  • Any insurance requirements
  • Your personal desired security level


Not all door locks are created equal and what may be perfect for one homeowner, may not be for the next. You’ll want to make sure you are installing the right door lock that can give you the level of security you are looking for and that will also be effective with the existing door frame.

Your best bet is to get advice from an expert in home security locks before you make a decision on your purchase. A locksmith is a trained professional who will listen to your needs and recommend the right solution for you.

With a residential locksmith, you can be rest assured that your new door lock will be expertly installed to your specifications. We can also replace and upgrade locks on sliding doors and patio doors. If your current locks are wearing down or you are interested in upgrading your door hardware, call Locksmith Sarasota today!

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What You Need To Know About Home Security Door Locks

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Home Security Door Locks-Locksmith SarasotaNothing is more important for your family’s safety and the protection of your assets than a reliable home security system. Installing high security door locks on every entryway is the most effective and reliable way to fend off unwanted intruders. At Locksmith Sarasota, we have everything you need to secure your property and protect your loved ones.

Types Of Home Security Door Locks

There are several types of home security door locks that you can choose. From basic, to high security, to convenience. Discover the information that you need to know now regarding these residential house locks.

Basic Key-in-Knob Lock

When it comes to discouraging unauthorized entry to your home, nothing is more effective than a deadbolt lock. Most doors have a basic key-in-knob lock, which utilizes a spring to hold the bolt in place. If you apply enough force to the bolt, it can retract regardless of whether you use a key. Because a deadbolt lacks a spring mechanism, it is impossible to force open by turning.

Single And Double Cylinder Deadbolt Locks

A single cylinder deadbolt mounts on the interior face of the door and features a twist knob inside and a key cylinder outside. A double cylinder deadbolt also mounts inside but has key cylinders on both sides, so a key is needed to lock it or unlock it from inside the home. The double cylinder lock is a good option if your door is next to a window. With a single cylinder lock, an intruder could break the glass, reach in and twist the inside knob to gain access.

Keyless Pin Pad Locks

A keyless deadbolt eliminates the need for a key. To gain entry, you enter a numeric code on a keypad. You never have to worry about misplaced or stolen keys and you can change the code quickly and easily if you ever suspect someone knows your combination. This pin pad code-type of system, is also convenient if you ever need to let someone into your home when you’re not there, like a repair man or babysitter, but don’t want to give them a key. After they’re gone, you can simply just change the code.

Home Security Door Locks

We at Locksmith Sarasota offer a wide variety of high quality home security door locks to suit all your home security needs and we carry locks made by the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Whether you need a deadbolt for your front door or a secure locking system for you sliding glass patio door, our professionally trained locksmiths can provide you with the best locks your money can buy.

Investing in high security door locks for your home is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you get knowing your family and personal possessions are safe.

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Top Home Security Tips

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home, whether they are renting or own the property. When customers are asking about how they can help to protect their home, its contents and the people they care about most when we do our assessments for home security installation in Sarasota, we find that we end up offering the same suggestions time and again. We’ve compiled a list of our top home security tips to keep your home and property safe.

Top Home Security Tips-Residential Locksmith In Sarasota

Top Home Security Tips From A Professional Sarasota Locksmith


  • Make sure all of your exterior doors are equipped with a properly installed deadbolt.
  • Place a dowel in any glass sliding doors to prevent opening. You can buy “Charlie bars” for this purpose.
  • Consider replacing screen doors with aluminum or steel security doors instead.
  • Install a peep-hole viewer so that you can identify visitors before opening the door.


  • Keep curtains and blinds closed when not necessary. This strategy will prevent outsiders from observing the goings-on in your home.
  • Replace damaged screens or when they start to fall out of the window frame.
  • Limit access to your windows by keeping items that can be used to gain entry to your home locked up, such as maintenance ladders, chairs and tools.

Keys And Control Of Keys

  • Never leave your house keys unattended. I.e. don’t have them on the key chain when you have work done on your vehicle.
  • Consider keying all doors in your home the same, with the exception of one that is used by your housekeeper, babysitter, cleaner, or anyone else you need to give access to your home. If you decide not to work with this person anymore, you only need to pay to have one lock rekeyed.

Outside Your Home

  • Make sure you have plenty of lighting around the perimeter of your property.
  • Trim back bushes and trees so that potential burglars or predators do not have places to hide near entrances.
  • Cut up boxes from any major purchases instead of placing them at the curb. You don’t want to advertise the fact that you have just bought a new big-screen TV!

Additional Security Tips For Your Home

  • Consider installing a locking mail box to prevent mail theft. Arrange for direct deposit of regular payments instead checks, if possible.
  • Keep all of your personal papers and any firearms in your home in a secure lockbox.
  • Review your insurance coverage at least once a year to ensure that you have adequate coverage. Ask whether your insurer will give you a discount if you install an alarm system and get a list of approved vendors – then get the alarm installed.

Residential Locksmith Services In Sarasota

Locksmith Sarasota offers multiple, professional residential locksmith services including home re-keying, emergency home lock-outs and home security installation. Our experience, professionalism and care will ensure that you feel safe in your home.

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Why You Need A Good Lock On Your Door And What Those Locks Are

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Your home truly is your castle. It’s the place you retreat to at the end of the day. You store your belongings there in addition to your memories. It’s the place where your family gathers at the end of the day for nourishment and rest. You need to make sure that it is safe, both while you and your family are at home and when you’re are out and about.

It’s important to have quality locks on both the front and back doors of your home to safely secure your home and belongings. Learn more about the different types of residential locks available:

Types of Home Locks -

Types Of Residential Locks Available

There are a variety of locks available for your home, including:

Entry Lockset

The entry lockset is made up of two doorknobs which can be locked from either side. One type locks from the inside by turning or pressing down on a small knob, and a key must be used to unlock the door from the outside, whereas other models must be unlocked with a key from both the inside and the outside.

This is a medium security door-lock set.

Deadbolt Lock

The deadbolt lock is only operated manually with either a key from the outside or a thumb turn from the inside. Residential locksmiths recommend this type, since it provides a maximum level of security for a customer. The lock bolts the door to the frame and helps prevent an intruder from prying the door open.

Single-cylinder deadbolts are operated with a key from the outside and a turn button on the inside of the door. This type of lock is used mainly with either wood or solid metal doors Double cylinder deadbolts require a key on both sides of the door in order to operate them. These are best used on a door with glass in and around it, since this style will prevent a would-be intruder from breaking the glass, reaching into your home and turning the button to unlock the door and gain entry.

Handle Set

A handle set is usually an entry set that combines a lockset and a deadbolt. The deadbolt is installed just above the door knob or handle. It can be ordered with either a single or double-cylinder deadbolt in a number of styles and finishes to compliment the door hardware and the exterior style of your home.

Keyless Entry System

For the ultimate in convenience, consider a keyless entry system. You will be advised by audio and visual prompts when the lockset is activated. The system’s anti-theft rolling code will ensure that the same code is never used twice; some systems are compatible with garage door openers, so you only have to remember a single code.

Residential Locksmith

A residential locksmith is the best choice for quality installation of the right locks for your needs to keep your home and family secure!

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