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Benefits Of A Mobile Locksmith

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Mobile LocksmithMost of us are familiar with going to a hardware store to get a key copied from time to time. If you need the services of a locksmith, there may be times when having someone come to your location would be preferable.

Benefits Of Calling A Mobile Locksmith


Fast Response Time

If you find yourself locked out of your home or office, can’t find your car key or it has broken off in the ignition, you’ll want to get help right away. All of these are very stressful situations, and you don’t want to put your, or anyone else’s safety at risk. A mobile locksmith can be dispatched to your exact location as soon as you call, and you will not have to wait long before a professional will arrive to provide assistance.

Available 24 Hours A Day/Seven Days A Week

Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are locked out of your home, office or car, you don’t have to be concerned about being stuck if the problem occurs outside of regular business hours. Just call the mobile locksmith for help.

Have Equipment To Deal With Variety Of Situations

Mobile locksmiths’ vans are fully stocked with tools and equipment to deal with a variety of situations. The locksmith arrives at your home, office or wherever your car is parked able to deal with your issue, and without having to wait for any parts to arrive.

Mobile Locksmiths Can Perform Several Types Of Services

If you need to contact a mobile locksmith for an emergency lockout, or you need to have your lock rekeyed, installed or replaced, you can get all of these services from the same provider. Mobile locksmiths can come to you and provide prompt, professional services for your security needs. They can also provide information about and installation of digital and electronic lock systems.

Locksmith Sarasota is your mobile locksmith choice in Sarasota, Florida. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand how important it is to keep your family and your property secure. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and respond to calls in 25 minutes or less. Call us now!

What Are Transponder Keys?

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What Are Transponder Keys for Your VehicleIf you are driving a newer model car, it likely came equipped with a transponder key. These keys are different from older models, since they are equipped with an RF transmitter. There is a small receiver located near the ignition switch on your vehicle. Once you insert the key into the ignition, it transmits a low-frequency signal to your vehicle.

Why Manufacturers Equip Keys With Transponders

The transponder is a security measure put in place to help prevent cars from being hotwired and stolen. The car won’t start unless it detects the correct signal from the key. A copied key without the right signal will not start the car, either.

How To Tell If You Have A Transponder Key

One way to tell whether your key is a transponder key is to examine it closely. If the plastic part of the key is considerably thicker than the metal part of the key, you likely have a key with a transponder.

Another strategy to determine whether you have a transponder key is to contact your dealer and inquire about the cost to replace it. You’ll need to provide your vehicle’s VIN number when you call. If the dealer quotes you a nominal amount, then you probably don’t have a transponder key. On the other hand, if you are quoted a number that could be as high as a few hundred dollars, then you have a key with a transponder.

What If I Lock My Transponder Key In My Vehicle?

This situation happens more often than you realize. Contact a Sarasota, FL auto locksmith immediately for assistance. At Locksmith Sarasota, we know how stressful this situation can be and will get to your location straight away.

Our experienced technicians have the training necessary to open any vehicle without causing damage. We are a full-service automotive locksmith company that will have the right tools and equipment available to help you on the spot.

We offer affordable mobile locksmith services and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you lock your keys in your car, break a key in the ignition, need jumper cables, or a new key made, contact us – your Sarasota Florida auto locksmith service.

See Simple Tips To Prevent Locking Your Keys In Your Car

Easy Tips To Prevent A Car Lockout

Tips To Prevent Locking Keys In Car-LocksmithSarasota.orgFew things are more frustrating than locking yourself out of your car. It never seems to happen at a convenient time or in a convenient place. You will probably be rushing to get somewhere, which will only increase your stress level.

Here are a few easy ways to prevent car lockouts, and the frustrations that come with it. However, if you do end up getting locked out of your vehicle, Locksmith Sarasota is available 24/7 to come to your rescue!

Tips To Prevent A Car Lockout

Check out these simple and effective tips that anyone can do to prevent locking their keys in the vehicle:

Never Lay Keys Down Inside Car – Immediately Put In Pocket, Purse Or Hand

One of the most common reasons for a lockout is locking the keys in the trunk. You put the keys down to rummage around and when you find what you are looking for, you forget to pick up the keys before you close the trunk. This is easy to avoid if you make a point of putting your keys in your pocket or keeping them in your hand when searching for something in the trunk.

Many modern vehicles have sophisticated electronic systems that make it difficult, if not impossible, to lock the keys inside the car. That does not mean it never happens. Resist the urge to place the keys on the seat because you may not see them when you exit the car. Keep your keys on a brightly colored or heavy key chain so they are easy to notice. Get in the habit of placing your keys in your pocket or purse immediately after removing them from the ignition.

Check Car And Replace Key Fob Batteries Periodically

Something as simple as a dead battery in the car or its remote key system can cause a lockout. Check the batteries periodically and replace them when necessary to eliminate having this preventable problem occur.

Have A Set Of Spare Keys

Hiding a spare key on the outside of a vehicle is risky because car thieves know about all the best hiding places. You should however, keep at least one set of spare keys in a convenient location. You can leave a set of keys at work, store a set in your house or even leave a set with a friend, family member or neighbor.

Skilled Locksmith Professionals In Sarasota

If you do find yourself locked out of your car, the skilled locksmith professionals at Locksmith Sarasota will help you get back on the road again, safely and quickly. We offer competitive rates and prompt response times. We are also fully insured, bonded and licensed. Why trust your car or time with anyone else?

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The Evolution Of Car Locks

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Looking back it’s easy to see how automobile designs and car locks have evolved over time. Compared to all of the car features available today, consumers in previous generations had to contend with either no locks or simple, easy-to-break-in designs. Security measures were limited.

Discover how car much locks have changed over time.

The Evolution Of Car Locks Over Time- www.LockSmithSarasota.org

How Car Locks Have Changed Over Time

Over time, because of both vehicle and personal property theft, it became apparent that security needed to be taken more seriously by owners. Since that time, vehicle owners and car locksmiths have been interested in finding the most secure locking systems for vehicles to keep both automobile and personal items safe.

Mechanical Car Locks

Early locks were mechanical in design; the technology to offer electronic versions to consumers was not yet available. Auto manufacturers used a particular type of key blank which could then be cut to fit any lock in their product line. The two man types of locks were pin tumblers and wafer tumblers.

Pin Tumblers

Pin tumbler locks have metal pins of different sizes positioned within the lock cylinder. When a key with the proper height of cuts is inserted into the lock, it raised all the pins to the correct level so that it can turn.

Wafer Tumblers

This style of lock is similar to the pin tumbler, but it uses flat, single-piece wafers of different sizes. The proper sized key pushes the wafers into the correct position, which allows the lock to be turned.

Mechanical locks like these can be opened with a tool called a slim jim. Car locksmiths carry them to help customers who have locked their keys in their car. It’s not a good idea to attempt to enter your vehicle on your own with a bent clothes hanger or other device; you can end up causing quite extensive damage to your vehicle. Our automotive locksmiths have the training and experience to do the job properly. This is one instance where you are better off leaving it to a professional.

Electronic Age Car Locks

Most newer vehicles are outfitted with electronic locks. Many models still have a keyed entry, and number pads and key fobs are often used to open the door locks. Modern keys now carry a computer chip, which prevents a fake key from being used to gain access to the vehicle.

Automotive locksmiths are now required to undergo specialized training to keep their skills current due to changes in car lock technology.

Locksmith Sarasota offers fast, friendly mobile automobile service if you’ve been locked out of your car. We also provide residential and commercial locksmith services.

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