FAQs For Car Remote Starters – Should You Get It Installed?

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There are a number of myths circulating about remote car starters and whether they will keep your car and its contents safe and secure. Rather than listening to hearsay, your best source of the facts about these devices is to contact a car locksmith in Sarasota so that you can make sure that the information you are receiving is accurate. At Locksmith Sarasota, we offer automotive, commercial and residential locksmith services and would be pleased to answer any of your questions.

FAQs For Car Remote Starters-Locksmith Sarasota

FAQs About Remote Starters For Your Car

Q: Are Remote Starters Bad For My Car?

A: We understand from a number of top mechanics that starting your car and giving it a few minutes to run before you start to drive is good for the motor, and may even extend its lifetime.

Q. Can I Have A Remote Starter Installed With A Manual Transmission

A. In the past, remote starters were only equipped to be installed on automatic transmissions. Now they can also be installed on vehicles with a manual transmission. We would suggest that you have yours professionally installed however as today’s cars are more sophisticated and installing a remote starter requires more training and skill than an everyday mechanic can handle.

Q. Will A Remote Starter Work If I Have Keyless Entry On My Car Already?

A. Yes, it will, and it will give you at least 800 feet of range, as opposed to the 50-100 feet you get from the keyless entry system. You also can add a number of convenience features to your remote starter, including:

  • Security alarm that will notify you if a cylinder is punched or a window is broken
  • Heated seats
  • Car finder in case you lose your car in a parking lot or garage

Q. Does It Make Sense To Get A Car Starter When I Will Only Use It For Part Of The Year?

A. Your car starter is not just for use during cooler months; you can also use it during the summer to cool off your car before you get in. All you need to do is leave your air conditioner on when you get out of the car. The automatic car starter will look after the rest. No more melting while you wait for your car to cool down during the hottest months of the year!

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