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How Car Key Cutting Works

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Lost Keys Left On FloorIf you have ever had the misfortune of losing your car keys or breaking one inside the ignition you know how important it is to get a replacement as quickly and efficiently as possible. A locksmith can help you to get a car key replacement, but the exact procedure for car key cutting will depend on the make and model of your vehicle.

Most vehicles have an ignition key that is outfitted with a transponder. It is a type of anti-theft device that prevents a key other than the one programmed for your exact vehicle from being used to start the car. New model car keys also have an integrated fob on the key which has buttons to lock and unlock the doors.

Left Keys In CarMake A Pattern For The New Key

No matter which type of key-cutting machine is used, the first step in the process is to take a blank key and cutting it to match the original one. When making a new key for a new lock or a replacement key for an existing lock, the locksmith creates a pattern corresponding to the lock’s internal pattern of pins.

Types Of Key-Cutting Machines

An automatic machine is outfitted with two sets of vice grips so that it can copy a key from the original one using a stylus. The machine traces the pattern of the original key a stylus. It cuts the same shape into the blank key simultaneously.

A laser machine works in the same way as an automatic key-cutting machine, although it uses a laser to cut the blank key instead of a blade. Lasers can be used to add dimples to the surface of a key, as required by certain of today’s more sophisticated vehicle systems.

How A Locksmith Determines The Code For Cutting Keys

When cutting a key for a new lock or making a replacement key when the original was lost or stolen, the locksmith enters the codes into the machine manually or inserts a card with the details. The latter method is more efficient, and allows the machine to create the new key without the need for supervision.

Once the key is cut, an automotive locksmith can program it for you so that you can use it to start your car. You will need to show your license and registration to confirm ownership of the vehicle for verification purposes first.

New KeyUnfortunately some make and models require you to have to go to the manufacturer. You’ll need to go the specific manufacturer. You may be required to show proof of ownership and will need your identification. Most manufacturer’s have the duplicate of your key on hand if you purchased the car there, and you’ll have to purchase an second key which they will order and hold again for you.

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How Does Key Cutting Work?

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What kinds of services come to mind when you think about locksmiths? One of the first ones is installing and changing locks, no doubt. You may also think of calling a locksmith when you get locked out of your home, business or even your vehicle, since we can provide emergency services that are affordable. Locksmith services also include key cutting, too, and we can offer more than standard house keys with this service.

Key Cutting Services From A Locksmith

A locksmith can easily and efficiently provide you with a second set of keys to your home or apartment if you have lost your main set of keys. It’s always a good idea to have a backup set available to you so that you don’t get locked out.

If you own a business, having a second key holder will help if you lose your keys, but you will want to have your set replaced right away if they are lost. You can also have specialty keys, such as ones made for mailboxes or filing cabinets, copied. Our affordable locksmith services in Sarasota can look after this right away.

How Key Cutting Works

How Does Key Cutting Work - Locksmith SarasotaKey cutting is a relatively simple process. The locksmith first chooses a blank that is most appropriate for the lock. The two keys (the original and the one from the key bank) are inserted into the key cutting machine. The blade of the blank key is flat and the original key is used as a guide for the key cutting machine.

Both keys are held firmly in place next to each other, and the original key is used to guide the blade, which cuts or shaves off the excess metal through the machine to match the indentations on the original key. A key cutting machine makes an exact copy of the original key that will be a perfect fit in the applicable lock.

Next, any sharp edges in the new key are filed down. This process is called debarring. It not only prevents you from getting cut on the sharp edges from the newly cut key, but also prevents the lock from being damaged.

Affordable Locksmith Services In Sarasota

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